The Wordsmith’s Story

How A Number Cruncher Became A Copywriter: The Wordsmith’s Story

My name is Bec Christensen and I’m a Bachelor of Commerce and qualified CPA (Certified Practicing Accountant) with 10 years experience in banking and commerce. I’ve been a finance and commercial manager, met many deadlines and won awards for team building and customer service.

As a part of my continuing professional development and to further my love of writing I’ve done an excellent course through the Australian School of Copywriting and taken on projects involving promotional copywriting for a wide range of clients.

Five Ways You’ll Benefit When You Use The Wordsmith For Your Next Copywriting Project:

  1. Copywriting Experience: Since beginning my career as a copywriter I have worked primarily on websites, with further experience writing brochures, flyers, e-newsletters, press releases, articles and even song text. I also have many years experience writing commercial documents and related communications, often selling ideas, concepts and results to some tough markets.
  2. Financial Experience: I understand finance terminology and concepts. An excellent choice if you are a company in the banking or finance sectors.
  3. Commercial Acumen: During the briefing process I can quickly understand your business and will always maintain an awareness of commercial issues, as I use my copywriting skills to create words to sell your product.
  4. Professionalism: Accounting and finance and their associated disciplines are a huge asset to work as a copywriter, giving my work structure and providing a supportive base for my creative pursuits. You can be confident I’ll obtain a comprehensive brief with which to create effective copy, all within your specified parameters and deadlines.  Your satisfaction is my reputation.
  5. Enthusiasm: I bring the skills learned from my course and through my extensive commercial experience, together with a real love of the written word and a huge passion for writing of all kinds.

Why not call now and we can discuss your needs further: Contact The Wordsmith.

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